What is Heroes & Other Worlds?

Heroes & Other Worlds is a game of adventure inspired by Metagaming's classic Melee/Wizard/TFT system combined with inspiration from the Moldvay edited basic game. The rules are easy to learn and use standard six sided dice. The system is simple, sensible and flexible in the spirit of classic role playing games from the early 80's. Become a Hero, Other Worlds await!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Blackhold needs cartographer

I am looking for a cartographer to map Blackhold...I will be happy to pay for the services so if you are interested, please contact me: Fenway5(at) frontier(dot)com

Below is a history of Blackhold...

Over 500 years ago, this area was explored by storied dwarven miner Herrmund Blackhammer and a team of dwarven explorers hailing from both mountains and hills. Legend has it that Blackhammer found a vein of mithral in the stony mountain above the glade of Keru and his team set to work following the vein into the mountain.  

As the Blackhammer’s crew delved deeper, rumors spread of not only mithral but gems being discovered as well and a small camp grew in the glade of Keru to support and trade with the Blackhammer’s dwarves.  As the stories of silver to be made and trade grew so did the camp into a small village.  Years passed and others began to seek the same riches the dwarves were mining.  A skirmish with another group of prospectors led Blackhammer to declare the mountain off limits to others.  Crows were sent with messages to other dwarves.  Miners and Shield brothers arrived from the mountain clans while rangers arrived from the hill clans.  The Blackhold tower was built and carved out of the mountain at the mouth of the mine to defend the dwarven claim and to deter further intrusions.  Tales of trader’s wagons being sniped from archers they never saw on the road to the mine eventually eliminated all travel to the Blackhold.  Eventually the dwarves themselves ceased all trade and contact with the village of Keru.

First one year passed, then two…crows could be seen leaving or returning to Blackhold, but never the dwarves themselves.  Eventually even the crows ceased to be seen.  Then a small delegation from Keru bearing a white flag and on foot slowly made their way up the overgrown trail to the Blackhold. They attempted to hail the dwarves on the way up the trail but received no reply nor were they impeded in their ascent. 

Eventually they reached the main gate and tower guarding the Blackhold.  No dwarves could be seen and no sound could be heard.  With trepidation they knocked on the gate and received neither warning nor reply.  The delegation left and hiked back down the trail to discuss their options. A week later another delegation with a blacksmith hammered at the door and despite a hollow ringing sound on the gate, no other noise was heard.  A locksmith could find no lock or way of gaining entry to the gate, and even a dwarf hired to try and communicate by horn and crow could raise no response—and the crow did not return from the Blackhold.

Then rumors spread. First there were suppositions and suspicions by the folk of Keru. These were expanded and spread by traders who visited Keru.  For a time there were nearly weekly visits by the brave and fool hardy to the Blackhold.  Some say a thief managed to sneak in into the Blackhold and never returned. Others say a pair of wizards managed to magically enter the Blackhold, but they too were never heard from again.  Whatever the truth may be, this is all that is known for sure: the Blackhold stands silently above Keru, weather worn and grim, guarding the secrets of whatever lies undisturbed and unknown behind its black gate.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Will you like it?

Tim Knight has created a new Facebook page for HOW fans!!  You know what--I LIKE IT!! You should too!

Tim is on a roll with all the great stuff he is creating for HOW and I wicked appreciate it!!  Let Tim know how much you appreciate it by joining his Facebook page for HOW!!

In addition Lars Dangly has said he is working on a HOW adventure..and I was contacted by John Eiler regarding some interesting creations he has made that really sound fantastic too.  I won't reveal too much of John's work yet, but damn it is exciting!!

I can;t than you all enough for trying the game, playing it and contributing you time effort and creativity to making it MORE fun!  Sincerely I am blown away and really grateful--THANK YOU!

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Cauldron 2 coming

My lovely wife has finished the cover for the upcoming issue of Cauldron.  At this point April seems like the month this one will be coming out--looking forward to making it happen!  In addition I have commissioned the extremely talented Luigi Castellani for new illustrations for upcoming HOW projects.

After Cauldron comes revised rules--then its a coin flip for Grim Venture or Blades & Black Magic. Also Lars Dangly is working on a very cool original adventure for HOW and wrote an incredibly detailed (and very kind) review of HOW.

In addition Tim Knight continues to post original ideas, rules options, and a great look at his Tuesday Kinght's adventures on the Google+ site. As a person always looking for new twists and ideas these are great reads and inspiring! 

As always, I really appreicate and am thankful for your patience and support!

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Let me tell you of my hope

Way too much travel recently (HOLY CRAP NYC IS COLD!) and the goals in my real job this year are based on pushing the crazy successes of last year even further.  All my brain cells and my time trying are currently spent working to make the real job goals a reality. 

Man I would dearly love  to spend a few days doing nothing but rules tinkering and writing, but my responsibilities keep me from doing so.   Rest assured Heroes & Other Worlds is still very much alive and kicking, I just don't have the time at present to write and develop more content...but everything changes, so its just a matter of time until I do!!

I want to get a Cauldron issue out next, then the rewritten HOW core rules, and fingers crossed Grim Venture done for Q4.  In the meantime, keep on gaming and thanks for playing!

Tuesday, February 3, 2015


For a limited time (until 2/5/15), Lulu is having a 30% off sale on print books!!  Use promo code: GOPHIL

Not sure it will work in all countries or regions, so I apologize in advance if it does not work for you.

Special thanks to Christopher Bernardi for  letting me know about the code!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015


As I work through the rewrite of HOW, I am looking at some options. At this point I do plan on excising both the Berserk offense action as well as the All out Defense action.

One of the additions I am considering is the defensive action Broken Shield: A shield may be sacrificed in battle to absorb 3x it's normal AR from one attack. The shield is then useless, broken and provides no further AR protection.

In essence you give up your shield to soak up 3x its normal damage protection--but it's destroyed immediately after.  Thoughts or issues?

Sunday, January 25, 2015

In the days before the oceans drank Atlantis

There is a Kickstarter for a Conan themed skirmish game with tons of great minis up now!

Damn I love me some Conan--and despite the expensive price of the game---my lovely wife agreed on this splurge so I am one lucky fellow by Crom!

Give it a look, the system seems pretty cool and my only worry would be the number of maps/scenarios may be limited out of the box...but I have enough Pathfinder map sheet/tiles that I think I can crank out my own. Maybe even convert other minis into the system for skirmishes...that could be cool.


Monday, January 19, 2015

A review of Tome of Terrors and Treasures...part 1

If you are curious, see part 1 of Buzzclaw's thoughts on the new monster book! Point your Google machine clicker to his site and read on true believer!

Sorry lots of travel recently and the real job has started in 5th gear this year--so I am a bit short on "free time" currently.

I am hoping to edit together a Cauldron #2 this month and then get cracking on the HOW core revision.

Thanks for your support and keep on gaming!

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Sooner rather than later

While the revised edition of HOW was planned for 2016-- I think revising now would be better than waiting until later. Why? Because it needs to be done and the additional character options I have planned may only compound confusion if the core rules are not tightened up now.

My plan is to clear it up, clean it up, remove ambiguity and condense it down.  The revised core rule book will also drop in price and there will be less overall content.

It will contain the core rule, skills and equipment There will be some IQ 8, IQ 9 , and IQ 10 spells, some creatures and some treasures.  The core rules price will also drop, most likely in half to $10 print and $6 PDF.

Over in the forums I set up a  "revised edition" thread where you can post your issues that need to be fixed.

I am clear already that the Berserk combat action needs work.  :)