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Heroes & Other Worlds is a game of adventure inspired by Metagaming's classic Melee/Wizard/TFT system combined with inspiration from the Moldvay edited basic game. The rules are easy to learn and use standard six sided dice. The system is simple, sensible and flexible in the spirit of classic role playing games from the early 80's. Become a Hero, Other Worlds await!

Saturday, October 22, 2016

And the rains came

Hello friends.  Sorry for my lengthy absence...in short this has been my most challenging and difficult year on the planet thus far.

I want to make it clear from the start of this, I am not seeking sympathy and I know as surely as the sun rises today--my troubles and struggles this year may look like a walk in the park compared to your own struggles and issues.   I am not trying to compare or give a woe is me accounting--its simply been extremely challenging year at every level personally and professionally, and is the reason why I have not been active in publishing.

In my real job, the company is having an incredible year, and my average week is 50+ hours when I am in town--not adding the 2 hr commute daily. Also our success has meant an extreme amount of travel so not much free time/ free mind to game, create or write.

July my emergency surgery took me out of action for a bit--but I was still on the phone and email while recovering becuase the work never stops. Being screamed at on the phone by the VP of another company the day after surgery was a special kind of experience. The phrase 'I know you are in the hospital, but I need right now..." still lingers in my mind.

We purchased a new car for my wife in June replacing her 15 year old vehicle. 2 months later in August, she was then hit by another driver. Praise God she is recovering nicely--but it totaled the vehicle so I spent seven weeks working through insurances and rental cars and trying to find an exact duplicate replacement vehicle for my wife in my "spare time" etc.  (PS--I did do it, and it was much harder to do than you would think!)

Then additional difficult and serious medical new befell other family members in the last 2 months...and to cap off the year my wife an I are moving in November--but my travel and work schedule remain elevated until December.

And then the Presidential election? Good Lord this is the best American offer?...I want my pain meds back so I can sleep until 2020...ugh

So that is a small summary of 2016 and why  I've had little time to devote to writing and publishing. For those experiencing similar difficulties I can only say--FIGHT ON!!  You are only beat when you quit or give up--and Lord knows that sometimes looks appealing--but trust me on this, FIGHT ON!

In the end I've been provided with a unique opportunity to determine how much can I do, how much can I handle and can I be a better man despite all the setbacks.  I'm a Christian and I do believe God has reasons for what He does even if I am not wise enough to figure it out--and in the end maybe it really isn't about "me " at all except in how I can better help others.

There is most assuredly more HOW stuff coming (and Blades--and a deep secret project I've never talked about publicly yet)--I just need the time and uninterrupted ability to clearly write, gather it together and make it worth putting out.

As always I am thankful for your patience and support.


  1. Just got out of Hospital after surgery myself so can relate, but . . .

    'I know you are in the hospital, but I need right now..."

    . . . is just, wow.

    Man that does sound like a tough a year. I hope you and your wife have both recovered and are heading back to full health.


  2. We wish you both a good, neverending health. Regarding to election - we want you to play the Best instrument- Trump...et 😉

  3. I hear ya. Had some rough years along the way myself, but hang in there. The rain may be falling now, but the nice thing is there's always a rainbow coming!

    As far as the election goes, I'm used to picking the lesser of two evils (why can't we ever be given a choice for the greater of two goods?), but this is the first election in 36 years where I had to choose between an unindicted felon, and an absolute idiot. What were the two parties even thinking? Voting for the "other guys" is an exercise in futility, unfortunately. *sigh* Oh well, it's got to get better next time, right? Right? ...

  4. Thanks all, as suspected things are tough all over for everyone. I wish you each all the best in overcoming your own troubles and challenges and thank you kindly for the understanding and well wishes

  5. that sucks, man. fight on, bro!

    in regards to Trump vs Hillary, vote for Pence. Trump can be removed from office after election. i doubt the same applies to Hillary :)

  6. For one (being selfish), I really do miss new HOW material coming out. I also understand that life sometimes steps in and turns our paths another way. I hope it all works out for you and your family. God bless...

  7. Just got the book, and I must say I am impressed! Please keep it going.Thanks

  8. Thanks Bill for the support I hope you enjoy the game. Indeed I do plan to keep developing stuff and have more to publish, life has gotten in the way for now, but I hope to be back on track soon!

  9. Two weapon combat - it hurts me deeply Brandon. Where is the forte of TWC over - f.i. - fighting with dagger?
    TWC - first attack 3/DX and the second one 4/DX, advancing in skill gives only a bonus to both attacks. Nothing more, next attacks including.
    Dagger - anvancing gives a bonus to attack and at +2, +4 and +6 next attacks.
    Using dagger or short sword in TWC demands a skill in dagger/short sword or not? It isn't clearly explained.

    1. Marek, Sorry for delays I am very busy and just finishing our house move. Yes the rule needs tweeking and clarity. But you do need to be skilled in both weapons to use TWC skill.

    2. My patience is inexhaustible. I'll wait.

  10. Knock knock... Is there anybody home? :)

  11. Brandon could you estimate the releasing term of Blades&Black Magic. Tell us even the hardest truth.

  12. ...
    we love you for HOW, we know about your troubles, we support you in this, but we want to know when? 2017 - early 2017 or late, whatever. We suffer, author :)

  13. Can I say "HELLO"? Bran could you tell us sth?

  14. Marek--I apologize this is taking so incredibly long. My day to day work load and additional family difficulties preclude form creating and writing. I certainly wish things were different so I had more time and freedom to create and write, but sometimes you just have to put your head down and keep pushing through the difficulties in hopes that a respite will come.

  15. Ok. Grasped. I'll wait :) Take care

  16. Hey Brandon! Totally understand and truly hope everything is ok on your end. Was glad to see your post nonetheless.