What is Heroes & Other Worlds?

Heroes & Other Worlds is a game of adventure inspired by Metagaming's classic Melee/Wizard/TFT system combined with inspiration from the Moldvay edited basic game. The rules are easy to learn and use standard six sided dice. The system is simple, sensible and flexible in the spirit of classic role playing games from the early 80's. Become a Hero, Other Worlds await!

Friday, July 11, 2014

New "Artkid" illustrations

I am happy to say Luigi "Artkid" Castellani just finished a new range of illustrations for future Heroes & Other Worlds projects. Luigi is extremely talented, professional and a complete pleasure to work with.  Below is a little look at one of the new illustrations, thanks again Luigi for making my little game look like great!

I plan on having the new adventure and character sheets up for sale late tomorrow!


  1. Coincidentally, I plan on spending money tomorrow!

    Can you tell us a little about the adventure?

    1. Thanks very much Frank for you support! Well this little campaign has three dungeon based adventures in it AND a home base fort for the characters to start adventuring from. It is set in a mini campaign are called The Western Lands and includes new rules for using holy symbols to repel...or unholy symbols to control the undead!

      Hope you find it worth your time and hard earned money to give it a try, and no problem at all if it does not. Eventually something just might! :)

  2. Well, I have to hold off until NEXT weekend -- but at that point, I'll be buying! Sounds like just what I've been looking for as a starting locale!