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Sunday, September 6, 2015

Inspirations for Rodinia

Really?? ANCEINT ALIENS? C'mon man are you serious?

The Ancient Aliens guy (Giorgio A. Tsoukalos) and his crazy theories just crack me up. I LOVE watching it because you can drive an 18 wheeler of logic through the gaps in their "theories" but it's a good mental exercise to keep your B.S. detector sharp!  I'd watch it more often but the show is excruciating for my wife! She can;t stand this uber-tanned psuedo intellectual know it all. I keep telling her he clearly DOES NOT know much (besides where to get a fake tan and lots of hair supplies) but hey, I sit through Project Runway so yeah she gets payback.

Anyway the real reason I watch stuff like Ancient Aliens and America Unearthed is for gaming fodder.  Despite the random "It was aliens" or "built this way...becuase TEMPLARS" there is actual interesting and unusual stuff to be seen and considered in these shows.

To that end a lot of this stuff is going to wind up in Blades & Black Magic especially as fodder in Rodinia. There is a lot of interesting ancient "lost" civilization stuff that makes great setting/inspirations for gaming and I hope to seed a lot of that as living civilizations in Blades & Black Magic.

So if you have not watched this show (or similar ones) you may want to give them a spin. In the meantime here is a link to site with a cursory look at "10 mysteries" that show some advanced civilizations in out past that we do not know too much about.  Hopefully you will find some inspiring stuff in there!


  1. I hate, hate, hate this show!!! It took a fun little premise and took it to a horendously riduculous level. Apparently humans couldn't do anything without aliens holding our hands and wiping our butts. I can't even watch it anymore! Sigh.

    Now that I have that out of my system , you are right, it is an excellent source of inspiration. Even Conan met an alien. There can be a lot of weird stuff in S&S.

    Oh, Rodinia. Did the name come from the ancient supercontinent or Russian for "motherland"?

    1. HA!--yes indeed if there is ANY mystery--the answer is pre-ordained! I think the "bigfoot is actually an alien" combo was the shark jumper right into the absurd in my book!

      As to Rodinia, it is from the ancient super continent!

    2. ...and also from the Russian word for "motherland." Both.

  2. History channel should have it's name taken away. It is now the national enquirer show plus some non-historical reality shows.

    1. Sadly sir you are correct....so very sadly true

  3. I love watching this guy; he's utterly hilarious -- in fact, his "isn't it possible?" tagline is a running joke around the house here. Of course, the fact that the so-called "History" channel puts it on is a canard which probably causes the moronic masses to actually believe this guy has a point, but then, since they don't actually teach reasoning skills, logic, or critical thinking in schools anymore (perhaps especially in Universities), I suppose it was inevitable some guy like this would come along and actually make money doing his schtick.

    They need to rename the history channel as the "many theorists believe" channel....

  4. dudes. i'm telling you. aliens engineered us from apes to be their slave labor on earth and we rebelled ala Battlefield Earth. the alien bases and laboratories were on mars. that's why we haven't found evidence here on Earth. aliens contacted Elon Musk. "if you help us with this cover-up, we'll tell you how to solve your Tesla Motors and SpaceX problems". this the real reason Elon wants to nuke mars!