What is Heroes & Other Worlds?

Heroes & Other Worlds is a game of adventure inspired by Metagaming's classic Melee/Wizard/TFT system combined with inspiration from the Moldvay edited basic game. The rules are easy to learn and use standard six sided dice. The system is simple, sensible and flexible in the spirit of classic role playing games from the early 80's. Become a Hero, Other Worlds await!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Creature Feature

This is cool!

Jim at Hereticwerks has a LONG history of creating some of coolest and most unique content for us gamer types.  He has done fantastic stuff for my SciFi game Rogue Space and his adventure the Not so Empty Crypt of Baljessor was featured in Cauldron #1.

Now he has create a new critter for Heroes & Other Worlds and wicked cool art and counters for you to use the in your game!

 Do yourself a favor and link on over and get them, and tell Jim how much you dig it! 

Maybe he will be generous and make some more great stuff for HOW?!


  1. Thanks for the kind words and for creating such a fun game. We're building a few counters and other things that might be useful for Heroes & Other Worlds. A couple of local gamers have asked us to produce a few paper minis based on the old designs I did for Tekumel back in the Eighties and that just might happen...