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Heroes & Other Worlds is a game of adventure inspired by Metagaming's classic Melee/Wizard/TFT system combined with inspiration from the Moldvay edited basic game. The rules are easy to learn and use standard six sided dice. The system is simple, sensible and flexible in the spirit of classic role playing games from the early 80's. Become a Hero, Other Worlds await!

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy HOW-lloween!

Well it is all treat and no tricks here at HOW central.  On October 31st, I hput together 3 adventures into a special free Halloween Cauldron PDF download.

This could be slip these into your campaign world quite easily and while one adventure has already been published as a free download before, I include it here as I used it to kick off this series of adventures with my own group.  Note, the final adventure is very hard and very deadly.  My own players fled and did not make it too far--which is fine because as the Referee it creates a thread of doom and story to use and to "threaten" players with long term.

Spooktacular Halloween wishes to you and yours, but like Halloween, it did not last and is now gone...


  1. Thank you! Very much enjoyed looking through it. I noticed a few problems with the second adventure (a "tomb thing" is mentioned, at one point, with nothing whatsoever in the way of stats or description, and a few typos, plus, it really could have used a paragraph or two of exposition as to why anyone was going there and what the deal with the dead guy was), but for the price, you sure can't beat it! And the other two adventures were complete and easily usable.

    Have you ever considered putting together a compendium of all the free adventures you've put out there in various other documents or just on your blog? It'd be nice to have them all in one place. Or you could flesh it out with some other, never before seen ones, and put it on sale over on LuLu.... I'D certainly pop for it!

  2. Thanks all, glad you enjoyed the treat!

    No I had not thought of combining them into one document yet--but it is a long life so who knows what the future may hold! :)

  3. So...this is gone now, I take it?

    1. Yes it is gone like Halloween...

    2. Oh hey, cute joke there. Guess I missed out...again.

      Listen, speaking as one of the fans who've bought all your books...I realize that you have the absolute right to release whatever you want of your art whenever you want, but this is the second time I've missed out on something you've only decided to post for a day. I know the Far Trek hard copy you did that way for a good reason ( and you warned in advance on that), but both times you made and update to the effect of ...and now it's gonnee...you misssed ouuut...

      Again, I know that it's yours to do with as you wish, and you're not obligated to me or anyone. But I only check your blog weekly, especially lately since you've been busy with no updates. But I find this sort of grating to the point of losing interest in being a fan.

      Yeah, I know. selfish entitled me. I'll just be on my way then. ;-)

    3. Hi Frank--

      I won't go into a defense of my methods and motives, we can agree to disagree. I prefer life to be full of surprises--but not everyone feels that way--I get it. Thanks for your support--here is a link to it, get it while you can it will not be up forever!


  4. Crap. Missed it too. Note to self: Read posts promptly.

    1. Here you are--thanks for your support--get it while you can!


  5. Thanks for continuing to share. I just ran the original TFT at a convention and am excited to keep scratching the itch.

  6. Thankfully I made it in time to snag from the comments. Thank you.

  7. Yo!
    Vital question:
    Can a combatant attack AND defend in ONE turn? Say I won the initiative and attack my enemy. He decided to defend himself. Can he then attack (after his defending action in the same round)? Can I parry (or dodge, block) this incoming attack? It's a bit unclear...

    1. Hi Marek,

      Yes you can both attack and defend in the same turn.

      Once you defend though, you give up moving in your next turn.

      TURN 1: After initiative, after movement, You attack your foe, he defends. On the foe's action he attacks you and you defend.

      Next turn: After initiative, neither one of you is able to move in this new turn.

      See page 46 on Defensive rules/option

  8. Thx Bra
    I read it on 46 page, but you did place an example of a fight. In it there was no response. One side attacks, the other defends and next turn, so I had uncertainties.
    Now it's straightforward.

    What about the sword and sorcery setting?

    1. Working on it as time allows! Still planning to get the next Cauldron issue out before the end of the year

  9. Skills like Sword, Dagger, Axe they give a bonus to hit. Fencing gives additionaly bonus to parry and the second parry in one turn. Did I understand it good? Is it some missing in text or it is intentional? All skills do give a bonus to parry and the second parry (at +3 f.i.) or only fencing does?

    Yaro the assassin (DEX 14) has such a fighting skills:
    -dagger +2
    -sword +3
    -fencing +2
    His parry using:
    -dagger is 14+2=16 or only 14? Has he the second parry at +2??
    -sword is 14+3 or only 14? Desrciption is in this case obvious - he ha a second parry at +3 or second attack, whatever.
    -rapier is 14+3 and he has a second parry or attack - that's clear.

    What about the rest - maces, daggers, spears, swords? I hope I'm clear, my english isn't well...

    1. Your English is great!

      Only Fencing provides a bonus to parry, when specifically using a sabre, rapier or foil.

      The other skills work the same, provide benefit to attack--no bonus to parry.

      For Yaro the dagger is
      14+2 (16) to attack
      No bonus to parry

      14+3 (17) to attack
      No bonus to parry...unless the sword being used is a sabre, rapier or foil!

  10. Great thanx :)

    Tell you sth - we (our team) played HOW last weekend - high fantasy, polish setting on your engine. It was a fantastic experience! HOW become well accepted 4 them :)