What is Heroes & Other Worlds?

Heroes & Other Worlds is a game of adventure inspired by Metagaming's classic Melee/Wizard/TFT system combined with inspiration from the Moldvay edited basic game. The rules are easy to learn and use standard six sided dice. The system is simple, sensible and flexible in the spirit of classic role playing games from the early 80's. Become a Hero, Other Worlds await!

Saturday, August 18, 2012


One of the hallmarks of TFT is the use of figures to play.  Martian Metals, way back when, actually produced a line of 15mm TFT minis.  Man I'd love to have or even see some of those!  Anyone know where I can find images? Let me know!

I like using minis when we adventure, and wanted to recommend Red Box Games figures.  Nope, no kick back or free figs for the mention, just an honest "holy crap these are cool" mention from one gamer to another.

The selection is outstanding, and the sculpts?  Unbelievably cool.  Hands down the best I have seen!  They fit they way I see fantasy stuff, a little grim and gritty.  Yes they are a bit pricey, but I'd rather spend a bit more to get something of high quality than half price for "it will do" material.  If you have not seen their work, take time to check out their site and order a figure or two, you will not be sorry!  I am going to add them to my link list on the site, along with Dark City Games, as a quality game material producer you can count on. 


  1. Here are some photos I took of the *one* pack of Martian Metals TFT microtures I've ever been able to find!


    1. Thanks RSJ! Looking forward you your full HOW review!