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Friday, August 16, 2013

Inquiring Minds

So I had an interesting set of questions come up.

Just in case you had similar thoughts or questions I have posted it here:

Q: If a character has Dagger+2 (allows one extra attack per turn), and Two Weapon Combat +1, does this result in three attacks per turn or four?

What if the character Berserk Attacks?

What was your intent here?

A: Good questions. This situation never came up in any play testing situation, I never had any players try stacking skills or ask about doing it.

I'd rule it as pick which one skill you want to use in combat, either dagger or two weapon attack.

As to Berserk? This seems to be causing much more confusion than I ever thought possible. It's my fault for assuming the word and notion of Berserk was clear on its own.

So the definition of the word Berserk is
1. Destructively or frenetically violent: a berserk worker who started smashing all the windows.
2. Mentally or emotionally upset; deranged: berserk with grief.
3. Informal Unrestrained, as with enthusiasm or appetite; wild: berserk over chocolates.

In no way does the notion of Berserk imply a cautious or carefully skilled maneuvering.  Going berserk is the antithesis of a skilled attack as it is raw fury. In my own games only starting characters or low ranking foes used berserk as once they got some skill it was not necessary as a manuever. Most players saw going Berserk as making you too vulnerable, especially if archers or slingers were around.

So all of that to say, a player trying to combine their skilled attacks with a Berserk action is misunderstanding what berserk means as a word and why those two things do not go together.

Clearly that's may fault for assuming the term and idea of berserk would be clear.

Thanks for the questions.


  1. How is it people have a choice about going berserk. It should be involuntary and uncontrolled in ALL aspects.

  2. Historians believe Beserkers often worked themselves into a frenzy before attacking and some think they consumed some sort of drugged food before working into a berserk fury. Either way it was a conscious choice made prior to the Berserk frenzy.

  3. Something is up with my blogger - did post but for some reason didn't show up?

    Anyway, I would love to comment on the system using berserker rules, but sadly I'm not at all familiar with it.

    So can the player character control this rage, or is a random event? And when it kicks off, does the rest of the party suffer in any way, e.g. also suffer attacks from their berserk comrade?

    Ever thought of using it a a reason for a quest? The party are trying to track down a particular NPC who is rumoured to be able to cure people of berserk rages?

    I did, once a long time ago, read a book centred on a group of berserkers (possibly 8 in total?) whom travel up and down the coast attacking settlements. They are described as large, beast-like men with red blazing eyes. Anyway, the story I read focused on a young warrior who manages to slay one of the berserkers - a rare thing, apparently - but who now has to take the place of the fallen berserkers amongst the ranks of the other berserkers, and travel with them until he dies or is slain. Nice twist I though.

    Look out for these series of books, the first being entitled, Berserker: Shadow of the Wolf ~ written by Chris Carlsen.


    1. HI Mark, thank for the comments and suggestions, especially the literary suggestion! You can get a better look at the idea of Berserk from an earlier post.


  4. It has nothing to do with people not understanding what 'Berserk' means. It's the fact that it is just another option. There is no requirement for it. Not as a Skill, nor any of the preparation you mention above. It is simply "All-out Attack". If a character is without shield and armor (for whatever reason), why would you 'Melee Attack' when you can 'Berserk Attack'? You lose nothing and gain an extra attack. And it can be turned on/off at will, apparently. To me that says great control, something that could easily be combined with skilled attacks. You didn't create an option that that matched your vision.

  5. I certainly agree I did not make it clear nor define the option to match what I intended. Thanks for your feedback SAROE.