What is Heroes & Other Worlds?

Heroes & Other Worlds is a game of adventure inspired by Metagaming's classic Melee/Wizard/TFT system combined with inspiration from the Moldvay edited basic game. The rules are easy to learn and use standard six sided dice. The system is simple, sensible and flexible in the spirit of classic role playing games from the early 80's. Become a Hero, Other Worlds await!

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Picture from the wilds

Well the first shot of a copy of BLADES in the wild comes courtesy of Rick Hull. He snapped it compared to his iPhone for size comparison! Rick also snapped a pic of BLADES alongside some inspirations!

Per Rick, in case you have misgivings because it is pocket book sized, he confirmed it is easy to read .

Looking forward to getting my own copies soon! You can get yours here!


  1. My presssscious. It'll lie in my pocketsis ;)

    1. Thanks Marek for the support--and patience!

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